Professional referral


A professional referral can be used for planned short term support when your current situation regarding your finances to buy pet food is limited, and without the service your pets will go without food. 


This is not a self-referral; a referral must be made by a professional through the form below on your behalf. Examples of professionals to make a referral on your behalf include the Citizens Advice Bureau, your support worker, your health visitor, probation officer, doctor, mental health advocate etc. You or a family member are to make that contact, not ourselves. if you have any queries you can however ask us.


You can receive pet food parcels for up to 3 months whereupon a further professional referral application can be made.


Examples of requiring a professional referral for help are:


  • Long term debt

  • Homelessness

  • Not entitled to claim benefits

  • Disabled and in receipt of benefits

  • In a controlling relationship / domestic abuse

  • Poor mental health

Pembrokeshire Citizens Advice Bureau

Carmarthenshire Citizens Advice Bureau

Important Information for the professional – please read:

  1. We will respond to your referral within 3 working days and if it is an emergency please email direct.

  2. Once we receive your referral we will let you know if we can help the person referred and provide up to 3 months pet food bank support.

  3. Please provide us with information regarding their situation that leads them requiring support, we may get back to you with further queries regarding this.

  4. The person must be a resident of Pembrokeshire or Carmarthenshire, or is homeless in the counties.

  5. All information provided will be held within the strictest confidence.


Thank you we will be back in touch shortly