• When feeding pet food for the first time or when switching from one product to another, it is important that the change is introduced gradually to prevent digestive upset.

  • We recommend that this is done over 5-10 days, whereby you slowly decrease the amount of old food and increase the amount of new food in the pet’s daily serving. 

  • Fresh drinking water should always be available.

  • In order to help ensure that your pet maintains a healthy weight, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) has developed a reference guide to body condition scoring plus lots of other information.

  • You should assess your pet’s body condition on a monthly basis and then adjust feeding amounts if necessary.

  • Please keep in mind that if pets are naturally lean or are long haired, this guide will not translate as easily.

How often to feed your pet?


The key to a happy, healthy pet is feeding them the right type and right amount of food specific to their individual age and lifestyle. Manufacturers’ guidelines found on all commercially prepared pet food packaging (including dry food and wet food) recommend total daily amounts which can then be divided into a chosen number of meals.

At Cariad Pet Food Bank we will pass on this information to you and give you details on the brand of pet food given and recommended pet food amounts per day for your pet.

The pet food manufacturer should also be able to provide further individual advice if you contact them directly. It is important to remember that your pet's nutritional requirements and appetite will vary as they go through life and depend on a number of factors such as:

  • Breed/Size    

  • Weight    

  • Life Stage/Age    

  • Activity Level

It is essential that your pet maintains an ideal body condition throughout life for optimum health and to try to minimise the risk and impact of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. 

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How pet food is made

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