How To Get Help


If you need help from our pet food bank there are a few simple steps to follow.

The most important step is to read the eligibility criteria to see if you qualify for support. We do ask for the reasons you need support so please refer to the reasons listed below.


Eligibility Criteria


You are a pet owner, you are experiencing financial difficulty and you are struggling to feed your pet, because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • A change in benefits

  • A delay in benefits

  • You are on a low income

  • In an economically inactive household

  • Debt

  • Homelessness

  • You are on benefits and are finding things hard at the moment

  • In temporary accommodation/bedsit

  • Elderly in sheltered accommodation

  • Fleeing domestic abuse

  • Not entitled to claim benefits

  • Unexpected vet bills and you are on a low income

  • Unexpected large household bills and you are on a low income

  • Disabled and in receipt of benefits

  • In a controlling relationship

  • Poor mental health

  • Positive COVID test and no support network

  • Other (please specify)


You currently reside in Pembrokeshire or Carmarthenshire?

*Please note that we refer to, in this instance, to 'pet'. This can include more than one pet per household. Pets can be cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and chickens.


In some circumstances we may be able to deliver, this is only if you have no use of a car or someone else to collect for you.

If you live within a 2 mile radius of the pet food bank we encourage you to collect, where possible. We will deliver on a fixed day for further afield users. By collecting you save our limited funds from being spent on mileage.

Refusal to support

We have never refused support to anyone, however we do monitor the continued eligibility of our users. This ensures we are supporting those in need. If we need to make a decision not to support it is done without prejudice.


If you feel you meet the eligibility criteria please submit the Application Form below

If you are enquiring on behalf of someone else, i.e. you are a family member or a professional please also complete the form.

Application Form


Thank you we will be back in touch shortly