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We rely on kind donations to help us to help others. You can donate by:

1. Direct to our pet food bank at:


Pet Food Bank by Cariad Pet Therapy

115 City Road



SA61 2RR

2. We have donation bins at:

·    CK Stores, St Davids

·    Dogsbody Grooming, Goodwick

·    Premier Shop, St Dogmaels

·    The Oak Vets, Haverfordwest

·    The Oak Vets, Fishguard

·    Morrisons, Carmarthen

·    Lauren Dog Grooming, Pembroke Dock

·    The Co-op, Tenby

·    Fenton Primary School, Haverfordwest

·    Ambulance Station, Pembroke Dock

·    Pembrokeshire Pet Supplies, Thornton

What others have said ...


Pet Food Bank by Cariad Pet Therapy has given us tremendous support for our pets. My wife has mental health issues and without your support she would not be as well as she is, you have helped take the pressure off and I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

Pet Food Bank by Cariad Pet Therapy have been an amazing lifeline to me during an unforeseen financially challenging time. Not only have they offered to buy feed and hay for my ageing, but retired pony, to make sure his dietary requirements are met, they personally arranged to meet me at the feed store to buy supplies and instantly delivered it all to the stables. This is a wonderful cause, supporting people who are temporarily financially challenged with a much-needed breathing space to keep their pets properly fed whilst sorting out their financial situations. A huge, massive thank you to Rob and his wonderful team of volunteers who ensure our pets are completely unaware of any change in circumstances and continue to live their lives happy and well fed.


Pet Food Bank by Cariad Pet Therapy has really helped me to keep my family together during this difficult time. We took a huge gamble moving to this area without me having a job. But I was confident I would find one before it became a problem. Then COVID-19 hit and suddenly there were not so many jobs about. Even if there had been, I would have been unavailable to work as now I had two children at home and needed to school them. Our pets are our lifeline, and I really could not imagine having to give them up. Knowing there is help and support for them as well as us has taken away a huge stress. 


I was recently suffering financial hardship, whereas I could just about manage to pay the bills but that meant I didn’t have no money for food shopping for me and my son and really concerned about my pets, 2 dogs and a cat. While I was getting help for myself, luckily there is such a thing as Pet Food Bank by Cariad Pet Therapy, which I didn’t even know about. They were bringing pet food donations to my house once they knew of my plight. It’s been 2 months now where I hit rock bottom and didn’t know which way to turn but considering all I’m very glad that my pets never had to suffer. It wouldn’t have been right me eating but not being able to feed my pets, I can’t praise this organisation enough. A bad situation can happen to anyone but it’s comforting to know that your pets are not left behind.


Thank you so much for the delivery. I always like kind people to know how much they are very much appreciated. It is not just a matter of putting things into bags but not a lot of people realise how much work goes into what you do for us and our pets. Thank you so much to all of you who are involved in what you do for so many people. You deserve medals for all your hard work, and I would certainly get them for you all if I knew how to. Thank you so much for everything


Pet Food Bank by Cariad Pet Therapy is a great service and very kind, they have been a big help to us at this hard time. Friendly people, it is lovely to know that our fur babies are not left out at hard times. They are part of our family and to know people care is amazing – thank you from the bottom of our hearts x


A massive thank you to the Pet Food Bank by Cariad Pet Therapy. I work in self-employed hospitality and have not worked since October, and therefore on a very tight budget. The offer of great quality food and treats for my dog, has taken a weight off my mind. My little furry friend is so important to me, especially in this time of total isolation. Thank you to the staff and volunteers, and donors who make this possible.


Pet Food Bank by Cariad Pet Therapy has been so supportive to me and my 2 furry friends – quality cat food and even a toy or two. I personally would love to thank all the volunteers and donors of this lovely friendly service. When I am back on my feet, I will donate myself. Thankyou everyone from me, Peanut & Tinker.


Thank you for the healthy food you managed to source for our animals. I am so grateful; they are tucking in happily!


I contacted the team at Pet Food Bank by Cariad Pet Therapy, having struggled with financial issues caused by Covid-19. I filled in an application from their website and received a reply so quickly! Because of them my house rabbits will now be fed, and I could not be more grateful! Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism


Many thanks for the cat food parcel you sent me, when I opened it, I cried. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much for the dog food for my two dogs, I was so overwhelmed, your kindness is fabulous.


The help you have given X has taken the strain off him and he’s focusing on himself more, plus Y has more money for job interview clothes, to hopefully help him to turn his life around.  I cannot believe how much your support has changed peoples lives.  They tell me each week about how grateful they are and how they would not eat so their dogs/cats can.  It was an unseen suffering.  Fabulous work and thank you for making a difference.


Thank you and your team so much for the delivery and a massive thank you for the toy balls. My babies will love them, I am ever so grateful for everything you all do and not just for me. You and your team are such amazing people who help so much.


A huge Thank You tonight to Rob and everyone at Pet Food bank by Cariad Pet Therapy.  You have helped me tremendously for my cats tonight and will recommend you to anyone. At the drop of a hat, you were here xx THANKYOU XX


Hi there Rob and team, I am finally back in work as of this week - so hopefully won’t be needing your help anymore. Just wanted to say a massive thank you - the hay and food you have supplied for the bunnies helped me get through such a difficult time and I could not be more grateful - as soon as I am back on my feet more I cannot wait to donate back. Thank you so much.

Case study:


"I am in desperate need of help; I am registered disabled & on a limited income. I have 3 cats of my own that I can take care of but for the last year have been taking care of one feral & one stray. I have passed on approx. 4 of these poor rescue cats to Greenacres but they are full to bursting. The food bill at this time of year for them is crippling me. I'm desperate, or more specifically they are, and I can't and won't see them go without. I just can't keep up this rate of feeding as I am clearing a box of 12 sachets a day + dried food. I am going without food so they can eat which doesn't bother me as I would much sooner they have full tums to stave off the cold. But I am now struggling with gas & electric as that money is going on the extra cat food that's needed.”


We were able to help the same day…


“I am literally in tears here. You don't realise the emotional toll it takes on you until you realise that there is help available. Then the flood gates open. I feel so bad for these cats. But I am one person. I have stretched myself to my best & fullest capacity. I am so low with it and your offer of help is the best news this year. Believe me.”


We were able to deliver cat food within the hour.

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