Cariad Pet Food Bank is a community project set up and run by Cariad Pet Therapy. Cariad Pet Therapy is a Community Interest Company established in 2018 and runs an award winning pet therapy organisation across West and South Wales.

Cariad Pet Food Bank was set up in December 2020 with support from the WCVA with a COVID recovery grant for 6 months. It opened its doors on January 4th 2021 at the new pet food bank shop at 113 City Road, Haverfordwest. The pet food bank is now run using funds from Cariad Pet Therapy by volunteers.

We felt that pet owners in our community shouldn't have to face the difficult decision of whether to feed their pets before themselves. We could see that pet food poverty was a real issue that went often unseen. We estimated that 1.9 million pets are owned by people who use a human food bank. 


Our mission is:

  • to ensure that pets have access to nutritious food during times of financial hardship

  • by offering a pet owner a timely, responsive, individual pet food bank service they will continue to receive the comfort, companionship and wellness that pets provide

  • these measures, in turn, will aid the prevention of a pet being taken into a rehoming facility

In the first year the pet food bank has donated over 75,000 pet food meals to pet owners experiencing financial hardship in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. 

Recent news:

From January 2022 we have a new system for the pet food bank with self and professional referrals. Rob will be handing over to volunteer Michaela for the day to day management of the pet food bank. it will be open from Wednesday - Friday from January 10th. Rob will still be overseeing the pet food bank but will be concentrating on the many other community projects run by to Cariad Pet Therapy.

Cariad Pet Food Bank, along with Cariad Pet Therapy was nominated by ITV's Good Morning Britain for a '1 million minutes' award. ITV sent a film crew down to film us at the pet food bank and at a school carrying out a pet therapy visit.


We were interviewed live on Christmas Eve 2021 on Good Morning Britain by presenters Kate Garroway and Richard Bacon.


During the live interview we were informed that we were in fact the winners of the award and Strictly Come Dancing's professional dancer Karen Hauer, with her dog, virtually presented us with the award. 

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