In our first 7 months we have donated 40,710 pet food meals to the community.


We have 168 pet owners registered with us.


Cariad Pet Food Bank is a community service offering a pet food bank service to pet owners experiencing hardship and adjustment during the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is a project run by Cariad Pet Therapy CIC. To find out more about Cariad Pet Therapy CIC click here. The project is funded by Wales Council for Voluntary Action.

We are to provide this service throughout the 3 counties of Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire & Ceredigion. 


100% of donations go to those who use our service and are identified as in need.

Feedback from users of the service to date:

Cariad Pet Food Bank has really helped me to keep my family together during this difficult time.


We took a huge gamble moving to this area without me having a job. But I was confident i would find one before it became a problem.


Then COVID-19 hit and suddenly there were not so many jobs about. Even if there had been, I would have been unavailable to work as now I had two children at home and needed to school them. 


Our pets are our lifeline and I really could not imagine having to give them up.


Knowing there is help and support for them as well as us has taken away a huge stress. 



 Cariad Pet Food Bank is a great service and very kind, they have been a big help to us at this hard time.


Friendly people, it is lovely to know that our fur babies are not left out at hard times.


They are part of our family and to know people care is amazing – thank you from the bottom of our hearts x



 A massive thank you to the Cariad Pet Food Bank.


I work in self-employed hospitality and have not worked since October, and therefore on a very tight budget. 


The offer of great quality food and treats for my dog, has taken a weight off my mind.


My little furry friend is so important to me, especially in this time of total isolation. 


Thank you to the staff and volunteers, and donors who make this possible.



 Cariad Pet Food Bank has been so supportive to me and my 2 furry friends – quality cat food and even a toy or two.


I personally would love to thank all the volunteers and donors of this lovely friendly service.


When I am back on my feet, I will donate myself. Thankyou everyone from me, Peanut & Tinker.

Thank you for the really healthy food you managed to source for our animals. I am so grateful; they are tucking in happily!



I contacted the team at Cariad Pet Food bank, having struggling with financial issues caused by Covid-19.


I filled in an application from their website and received a reply so quickly!


Because of them my two house rabbits will now be fed and I couldn’t be more grateful!


Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism

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