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How to get help


The pet food bank is to be used when you are in an emergency situation where you have no immediate finances or family support to buy pet food, and without the support of the pet food bank your pets will go without food.

We are for short term support only, not a long term solution.


Am I eligible for pet food support?

  • You would go without food yourself or be unable to heat your home if you did not have support from the pet food bank.

  • You have had a sudden change or a delay in your benefits.

  • You have suddenly become homeless.

  • You are in a controlling relationship, or you are fleeing domestic abuse.

  • You have had an unexpected vet or household bill and you are on a low income.

  • A professional has identified you are in need, and they make a referral on your behalf.

Please note:


  • We do not provide pet food support to litters of puppies as we do not want to contribute to irresponsible breeding.

  • You are not automatically eligible for support by being disabled or in receipt of benefits.

  • We are for short term support only, not a long term solution.

  • We are not there primarily to support additional pets coming into your household.

  • Please do not overly prescribe what you want as we can only give what we have had donated. We will always try and match dietary needs where possible.

  • We are not a free pet food shop; we are there for those who have an identifiable need.

  • When things are improved for you, please consider donating back to the pet food bank.



To get help please call in to the pet food bank where we will try to help you.

Opening Hours 2024

Mondays from January 8th 2024, 9.30am - 12.30pm

Pet Food Bank by Cariad Pet Therapy

115 City Road


SA61 2RR


Please call 01437 723628 if you have any queries or if a professional wants to make a referral on your behalf.

Important information – please read

  1. We will try to match you pet food requirements to the needs of your pets where possible, but we cannot guarantee meeting specific dietary requirements such as grain free or fish only.  We can only offer what we have had donated as we are donation based.  We tend to support dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets as a guide.  Sometimes we have fish, bird, and chicken food.

  2. We promote responsible pet ownership so we are not there to supplement new additions in puppies and kittens if you are struggling to feed your current pets, please think carefully before you take on any more.

  3. In some circumstances we are able to signpost you to local support services for help with your current situation.

  4. Any contact with our volunteers outside of their pet food bank duty regarding pet food bank matters is not permitted. 

  5. In any rare circumstance that our volunteers are abused whilst carrying out their duties, this may lead to you no longer being able to use the service, this also applies to any defamatory social media comments or emails. Any incident that we feel is of a threatening or abusive nature will be reported to the police.

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